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Welcome back

Welcome back!  You can find your classroom assignments below and syllabi at this link.

Don’t forget to rsvp for the 25th Anniversary of the PSP Program (Human Services and Evening Business), coming up on Friday, March 21.  A great opportunity to network with alumni and see your favorite instructors.

See you soon….


Business Policy/Barden: CU 1

Contemporary Professional Writing/Larragoiti/SM207

Human Relations in Organizations/Davis Wick/CU 11



Financial Analysis/Modeling/Hua/CU6

Human Services/DavisWick/CU1

Islam: Faith & Practice/Lipowitz/SM207

Managing Cultural Diversity/Madden/CU22

Prof Ethics and Social Responsibility/CU23


Tuesday at Canada

Operations and Info Tech Systems/Freeman/5-227

History of Systems of Psychology/Nyland/5-221



Legal Environment of Business/Freeman/CU1

Children’s Literature/Harrison/CU7

French Cinema/LarocheDavis/SM208


Wednesday at Canada

Women’s Spirituality/Lipowitz/5-223


Wednesday at Mission

Marketing for NonProfits/Barsi/MT18A



Counseling Skills/Arbore/CU1

Human Services Financial Management/Kaplan/CU22

Philosophy of Science/Rende/SM203

Entrepreneurial Marketing and Mangement/Tau/CU23




Way of the Earth/Matevia/CU23

Leadership Strengths/Santamaria/CU6


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Reminders: Novelist Event and Class Registration


Tonight!  Thursday, February 20 at 7:30, San Francisco novelist K.M. Soehnlein will be reading at Wiegand Gallery.  Reception to follow.  These are wonderful events, interesting, informative…  and free.  Flyer attached!



registerAlso, do you need a term II class?  Come see your adviser today (or email us directly for an appointment): classes begin again the week of March 10:

Human Services:  Judy King ( or Therese Madden (

Intensive Business:  Vicki Silver ( or Lillian Barden (

Summer/Fall registration will begin on March 17; stay tuned for more information about how to register.

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Grad Audit Deadlines – Act NOW to avoid another fee increase!

fee increaseFrom the Registrar’s Office:
If you are planning to complete all degree requirements in either May or August 2014 and have not submitted a petition for a graduation audit, please note below that the fee for the audit increases from $160 to $240 effective February 16th.  Submit your audit prior to February 16  to avoid the increase.
If you are planning to complete all degree requirements in December 2014 and have not submitted a petition for a graduation audit, please note below that the fee for the audit  will be $80 effective March 2nd.  There is no charge for audits being submitted prior to March 2.
Students need to stop by the Registrar’s Office and Pick up an Undergraduate or Graduate Application for Graduation.  The Registrar’s Office is located in St. Mary’s Room 110.
December 2014 GRADUATES
$0.00 Graduation Fee prior to the first deadline for December 2014
(Before March 2)
$ 80.00 Graduation Fee after first deadline for December 2014 graduation
(March 2 through May 2)
$160.00 Graduation Fee after second deadline for December 2014 graduation
(May 3 through July 3)
$240.00 Graduation Fee after final deadline for December 2014 graduation
(After July 3)
May and August 2014 GRADUATES
$0.00 Graduation Fee prior to first deadline for May 2014 Graduation
(Before Oct 2)
$ 80.00 Graduation Fee after first deadline for May 2014 graduation
(Oct 2 -December 15)
$160.00 Graduation Fee after second deadline for May 2014
(December 16 -February 15)
$240.00 Graduation Fee after final deadline for May 2014 Graduation
(After February 16, Not eligible to participate in ceremonies)
Thank you,
Registrar’s Office
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Monday Annoucements

financial aidHappy Monday!  A few things…

First, be sure to click through this blog’s pages at the top for recent updates, especially under “Cool Classwork” where you can find links to some awesome student portfolios.  Also, the resources under “helpful links” have been updated to give you easy access to the course schedules, syllabi, and more.

Also, NDNU’s office of Financial Aid sent a reminder, which we’ve posted below for your convenience.  See especially the link for scholarships… there aren’t as many for part-time students, but if you search, there are some and we love celebrating your success when you are awarded one of them!

Dear Student,

This is to remind you that if you have not already applied for federal student aid for the 2014-2015 school year, you can do so now using FAFSA on the Web. Go to, select “Login” to log in and you will be given the option to complete a FAFSA Renewal that has much of your application data from last year.

You will need your Federal Student Aid PIN to access your 2014-2015 FAFSA on the Web application. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request a duplicate once you login.

Remember to apply before your deadlines. Select “Deadlines” at for specific deadline information.

If you are a California resident, never received CAL grant before, and meet academic, financial and eligibility requirements and submit two forms (FAFSA & GPA Verification) by March 2nd then you may qualify for a Cal Grant for college. You must apply by March 2nd 2014 to maximize your opportunity to receive an award.

If you have questions about your FAFSA, online help is available. Visit and click the “Help” feature on the FAFSA home page for answers to frequently asked questions and for additional information about the FAFSA process.

The Office of Financial Aid has established an “’Outside Scholarship” page on our website and we encourage all our students to apply to these scholarships.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact The Office of Financial Aid at 650-508-3741 or or contact your respective Financial Aid Counselors:

Thank you,

Office of Financial Aid

1500 Ralston Ave,

Belmont, CA 94002



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Book Recommendation: The Power of Habit

habitOur first book recommendation of 2014 comes to us from Dr. Lillian Barden, who came to work one day last week very enthusiastic about it.   The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, is a New York Times bestseller.  Here’s the description:

“In The Power of Habit, award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. Distilling vast amounts of information into engrossing narratives that take us from the boardrooms of Procter & Gamble to sidelines of the NFL to the front lines of the civil rights movement, Duhigg presents a whole new understanding of human nature and its potential. At its core, The Power of Habit contains an exhilarating argument: The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, being more productive, and achieving success is understanding how habits work. As Duhigg shows, by harnessing this new science, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.”

Amazon also reports that it was named “one of the best books of the year” by the Wall Street Journal.  Thanks, Dr. Barden, for the recommendation!

Want to see other books recommended by faculty or students? Click on the “book recommendation” link under “categories” in the column on the right of this post.  Have a book you’d like to share?  Let us know… we love good book recommendations!

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Happy New Year!


Welcome back!  We’re looking forward to 2014 – to classes, to seeing you all again, and to a new year.

Did you forget to register for classes?  Don’t worry – they begin again next week.  Contact your adviser.  We’ll find something for you and we’re in all week to help get you settled.

Are you interested in starting back to school this year?  Know someone with a New Year’s Resolution?  We recently went through the graduation surveys taken in a capstone class and thought that these comments were excellent inspiration, words of wisdom from those who have recently completed one of our programs.  If you’d like the full report with feedback on specific core classes, just let us know!

  • I am an all-around better version of myself because of this program at NDNU.  I have learned much more than I had anticipated, helping me now and for the rest of my life.  I know that if I had not have the opportunity NDNU gave me, I would not be where I am today.
  • The courses as a while have helped me become more of a professional and a manager.  They have helped me accomplish things with project management that I never thought possible a few years ago.  Through this program, I have gained the ability to become a leader in my profession.  With the skills and confidence I have gained here, I have the ability to choose where my life goes, not have it chosen for me.
  •  Being in this program has truly changed my life as an individual, as a student, and as an employee.  It has helped me gain better understanding of others in a realistic way and has inspired me even more to help and make a difference.  The support of the advisers and teachers within the program makes an extreme difference.  It is not easy to come back to school, but they are very supportive.  They aren’t just there assisting in class, but are available to help at your convenience and sometimes where it is convenient for you.  I can’t think of anywhere else in my education where I have had that much support and encouragement.
  •  Completing this program has been the best decision I could have made.  The instructors at NDNU have been the utmost most wonderful instructors I have ever met.  I enrolled at NDNU as one person and will graduate as a new and improved person.  The curriculum has led to renewed interest in my job abilities and social responsibility as a human being. 
  •  I have studied at various educational institutions.  I have never witnessed a more welcoming and respected community than NDNU.  NDNU understands that the needs of students differ, which is so important to a community of working adults like myself, who want to continually learn and can do so because of this establishment. 
  • There is a personal story attached to each seven-week class that I have completed.  Whether it was the time that my mom was recovering from surgery as I rushed to get into class on time or the time that I had just been awarded a recognition prize from my manager, the web of life continues through my journey each day.  It has become stronger with knowledge, experience, and the connections that we have as we continue to grow, infusing our lives with education and knowledge.  I am very grateful for the gifts that my experience at NDNU has provided to me.
  • My overall assessment of the program is that it is extraordinary.  The teachers really care about their students – each individual is respected and the teachers are readily available to help you succeed.  My overall assessment of the core courses has been wonderful.
  •  I made sure I have gone out of my comfort zone in each class.  I read books that I would never have read and worked with organizations that I have never worked with before but am interested in working with in the future.  I believe that by doing that I have grown as a person, which would not have happened without NDNU.
  • Seeking an education at NNDU was one of my wisest choices in life.  Having been in the same organization for 28 years, I had become insulated to new ideas and theories; the courses opened my eyes to a variety of subjects.  To quote a section from my final paper on Buddhism, “it’s not what I get from what I do, but rather from what I can give back.”  I point well taken that I will never forget.
  •  The benefits of attending NDNU have been invaluable.  Because the classes are small, it is easy to meet other students, many with diverse backgrounds.  Being from another country myself, I enjoyed sharing my experience and gaining a broader worldview and cultural understanding from others.

Why Bring a Child Into this World?

This is a lovely short film by an international corporate giant.  From the comments, many are cynical about its intent for marketing and the less-than-perfect actions of the corporation that made it.  Such analysis is important, but behind the message lies hope and optimism and we definitely also need those. 

The message resonates with the projects students recently completed in our Creativity and Work class.  Looking at the creativity and innovations occurring in the classroom and around the world is incredibly hopeful, exciting, and inspiring.  So, rather than judging the pros and cons of the corporation that creates this short film, it might be more interesting to examine what we are each doing to contribute to the world so that our children will experience more hope and opportunity.

If you get a chance to review this and comment,

let us know: what inspires you?