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Meet the Faculty

Here’s a link to faculty profiles, which provides information about the background and interests of the full time faculty at NDNU, many of whom teach in the Professional Studies Programs.   These include (but are not limited to):

Dr Patricia (Tish) Davis-Wick

Dr. David Hua

Dr. Helene Laroche-Davis

Dr. Therese Madden

Dr. Douglas Rice


In addition, our Professional Studies Programs are lucky to have many part time instructors who bring the professional expertise that they cultivate during the day to the classroom.  Many of our part time faculty have been with our program since it’s inception in 1989, including Dyanne Ladine, Patrick Arbore, and Ralph Barsi.  Student feedback is the best indicator of their success and it consistently reveals the extraordinary commitment, professionalism, and expertise of these any many others who bring their knowledge and passion to the classroom.


z Patrick ArboreIMG_7856Alicia Santamariabarbara KnatashiaNellis

Above, left to right:  Dr. Patrick Arbore, Ralph Barsi (on left, next to Belmont Police Chief and Human Services graduate Dan DeSmidt), Alicia Santamaria, Barbara Kaplan, Natashia Lopez-Gomez, Nellis Freeman.  Not pictured:  Dyanne Ladine, Carrie McKnight, and more camera (google) shy fantastic instructors….

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