The Professional Studies Program

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2019 Graduation

May 4th, 2019

Summer Term I Classrooms


BUS 2600 Operations and Info Tech FREEMAN Cuvilly 9

PSY 2201 Counseling/Psych Ther ARBORE Cuvilly 7

Tuesdays in Tracy

BUS 2335 International Business GOHAR (Online until further notice)

HSP 2227 Marketing for NPOs BARSI Transit Center


REL 2605 Women’s Spirituality ASHLEY Cuvilly 9

Wednesdays at Mission College

BUS 2012 Business Leadership REYNOSO SEC 322 (Student Engagement Center, (the new building) Room 322)


BUS 2016 Change and Conflict Management LIM SM 113


HSP 2218 Social Research Methods ARBORE Cuvilly 7


BUS 2006 08 Professional Writing MADDEN (Find the course on Moodle)

Saturday, May 18:

BUS 2078 Facilitation Skills SANTAMARIA SM 208

SBM Academic Awards 2019

Congratulations to the Human Services and Business students who were awarded academic awards this year! Those who could make the ceremony are pictured below, including students from the Tracy, Mission, Canada, and Belmont campuses.

Scholarship Opportunity

Check out this link for an opportunity to win a $2500 scholarship. A short essay about technology and inclusion is required….

Ask An Advisor: Culture and Language Requirement

Our Human Services and Intensive Business degrees are Bachelor of Science degrees. This creates flexibility for satisfying the six unit Culture and Language requirement. Everyone is different! Talk with your adviser about the best approach for YOU. You can satisfy this requirement through:

  1. Three years of a language course in high school with grades C and above.
  2. Passing AP scores
  3. Speak a language other than English already? You have a few options: if you have lots of lower division electives already, you can test out of this requirement. If you need lower division electives, it may make sense to test out of the requirement through a CLEP exam, through which you can earn up to nine units.
  4. Take the equivalent of a year of a language at a community college.
  5. Take two Upper Division Culture and Language courses at NDNU. These are offered nearly every term and explore interesting topics related to culture while dabbling in language.
  6. Perhaps you took a single language course a long time ago and don’t feel prepared to take the second semester. That’s okay; half a year of a language plus one Culture and Language class can satisfy this requirement.

Sounds confusing? Come talk with us and we can help you make a decision about the best way to proceed AND – if appropriate – help you to pick the classes, either at NDNU or at a community college – to satisfy this requirement.

Alumni Reunion and 30 Year Anniversary of the Professional Studies Program

It was awesome to see those who came and to have a chance to honor people who have been such a key part of this program’s ongoing success, including founders Dr. Deb Cash and Dr. Don Stannard-Friel and faculty members Dr. Lillian Barden, Dyanne Ladine, and Ralph Barsi. Dr. Patrick Arbore deserves more than I can possibly say about him, too; unfortunately, he was unable to be there. Moreover, it was an absolute honor and privilege to get to tell the crowd how much this program has depending on Judy King’s care and expertise, how many students have made it through to graduation and beyond because of her time and attention. Judy is amazing.

Dr. Lillian Barden, Judy King, Ralph Barsi
Judy King with former commencement speaker (and PSP alum) Genna Armanini and Mike Adam. I’ll never forget my middle-of-the-night email exchange with Genna, when she asked if there was a graduation for evening students. When I reassured her that of course they graduated with everyone else, she cried in anticipation of that future day. When the day arrived, who would have imagined that all of the eligible students who auditioned to be speaker, Genna would be the one. She did a great job, too!
Lovely Mona with her darling four month old daughter came up from our Mission campus to hear the reunion speaker, Human Services grad Dr. Rick Reed! (I had the pleasure of holding the baby so that mom could hear the speech; she’s delightful, full of smiles.) So glad you both came!

Need a Student ID?

Do you need a student ID card? It can be useful for discounts, even if you take classes at another campus. The process is simple – complete this form, upload a photo, then be sure to check your student email. When you get notified that it is ready for you, provide an address where you would like it mailed.

30 Year Anniversary of NDNU’s Professional Studies Program

Michelle Di Pilla presents to a full house of potential new PSP students

2019 is the 30 year anniversary of NDNU’s Professional Studies Program. Last night was one celebration, hosted by Admissions Evening Program Director Michelle Di Pilla. It was a lovely reception for current students, faculty, community members, and staff and was followed – appropriately – by a festive and well-attended information forum of new students interested in completing degree programs.

It was great to see so many near-alumni there, plus an honor to welcome Ralph Barsi and Dyanne Ladine, who have been sharing their passion and expertise in the classroom since 1990 and 1985, respectively. Dr. Brad Washington from the Provost’s office and Rey Penate, Director of NDNU Admissions, were also there.

Well-done, Michelle! Lovely event celebrating so many past, current, and future students and the faculty/staff who work so hard. Next week is a continuation of this celebration at the annual Alumni reunion. PSP Co-founder Dr. Don Stannard-Friel will be there, as well as Dr. Lillian Barden, Dyanne Ladine, Ralph Barsi, and Judy King. RSVP at this link!