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Math Boot Camp

matha Every summer, NDNU offers a FREE math “boot camp” designed to help students who haven’t taken math for some time to recall concepts learned long ago. Students who attend all classes AND invest time doing the assigned homework tend to pass the placement examination, which allows them to take Statistical Concepts, a NDNU course that satisfies the math requirement.The dates for the boot camp are July 11, 18, 25, and August 1. It will start promptly at 8am and end at noon.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Judy King at to sign up and for the location.


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Classrooms for Term II (Starting Tonight!)

doorWelcome to Term II!


Contemporary Professional Writing, Larragoiti, SM 208

Business Policy, Barden, CU9

Human Relations in Organizations, Davis-Wick, CU21


Human Services, Barsi, CU1

Tuesday at Canada

Prof. Ethics and Social Responsibility, Rende, Canada 5-227

Islam Faith and Practice, Lipowitz, Canada 5-223


French Cinema, Laroche-Davis, SM208

Linguistics, Larragoiti, SM118

Human Services Financial Management, Kaplan, CU7

Legal Environment of Business, Ladine, SM207

Wednesday at Mission

Managing Cultural Diversity, Madden, Mission MT18A


Philosophy of Science, Ortiz-Bautista, CU23

Management Principles and Organizational Behavior, Davis-Wick, CU22

Counseling Skills, Arbore, CU 7


Women’s Spirituality, Lipowitz, CU6


Spring Break Trips Announced



Alternative Spring Break applications are now available. If you are interested in participating in an alternative spring break in either Mendocino, CA or at St. Bonaventure Indian Mission in New Mexico, you can pick up an application in the Sr. Dorothy Stang Center (behind the Chapel).  For a flyer on the Mendocino trip, click here.  Both look like excellent opportunities to learn, contribute, and have fun; students in the past who have participated have been very enthusiastic and the faculty who are leading each trip are lovely, inspiring people.

new mexico


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This one, through PG&E, specifies that it is open to “nontraditional” students as long as you are a PG&E customer; might be worth a try!  The scholarships are up to $20,000 per year and smaller awards will be made as well.

Good luck!  Note that the deadline for applications is February 9.

Classrooms Term I

doorSpring classes start next Tuesday, January 20.  Welcome back!

Mondays (starting January 26):

Human Services Senior Seminar, MADDEN, CU9


Marketing for NonProfits, BARSI, CU1

Religions of the World, BELTRAMINI, SM 207

Corporate Finance, HUA, CU 6

Communication Skills, DAVIS-WICK, SM 204

Tuesdays at Canada

Cont. Professional Wriing, ROSS, Building 22, Room 118

Personality Theory, NYLAND, Building 5, Room 221


African Cinema, LAROCHE-DAVIS, SM 208

Way of the Earth, ASHLEY, SM 207

Prof. Ethics and Social Responsibility, LADINE, CU22

Stress in the Workplace, PREJEAN, CU7

Wednesdays at Canada

Psychobiology, TORRES, Building 5, Room 227

Wednesdays at Mission

Human Services Senior Seminar, MADDEN, Room TBD (Check announcement on door to Transfer office)

Intro to Gerontology, ARBORE, Room TBD (Check announcement on door to Transfer office)


Women’s Literature, CABROL-EASON, CU7

Business Leadership, DAVIS-WICK, CU23

Women in Management, KAPLAN, CU22


International Business, GOHAR, SM208

Saturday (one day only): Professional Development, MCKNIGHT, SM117


Welcome Back!

welcomeClasses begin next Tuesday; we are looking forward to seeing you again.  If you are not yet registered or need any help, let us know!  Our contact info is listed below.  Some other business-related messages:

A message from the Business Office:

  • Spring ’15 Tuition Due: Payment or Payment arrangement must be made with the Business Office by the posted due date [last week] for all pre-registered students. Students who register after the due date must make payment arrangements at the time of registration to avoid additional fines and finance charges.
  • Students may contact the Business Office by:
    • Telephone: 650-508-3565
    • Email: (you must use your student email address when emailing NDNU offices)
    • Stop by office: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Friday 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

A message from the Financial Aid Office:  The 2015-2016 FAFSA applications are available.  Read more here from our new Director of Financial Aid.

A message from the RegistrarPlease check the Student Tab on the Campus Portal for your most up-to-date class schedule and grades. The Student Tab is where instructors enter your official midterm and final grades for each semester. [Note that Intensive, 7-week classes do not give mid-term grades.]  Please do not refer to the Academics tab’s Grade book unless specifically asked to by your instructor.

A message from your advisers:  Be sure that you have your syllabus, textbooks, and are working on your first night’s assignment.  You can always find a link to the syllabi under the “helpful links” tab above or here.  If your class is not listed, please contact your instructor directly.  Ask us if you have questions; we are here to help:

Therese Madden:

Lillian Barden:

Judy King:

Vicki Silver:

Room numbers will be posted soon; stay tuned!


free pizza


During your class break tonight (and every night this week), courtesy of the Student Life and Leadership office.  Come to their new offices (behind the new “Welcome Center/Admissions offices,” where the vending machines used to be during your class break.

Happy Holidays!


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