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Spring Term I Classrooms

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Welcome to Spring Term I. Classes Begin January 7

Three things to remember:

  1. Get your syllabus
  2. Get your textbook. (The NDNU bookstore will now match prices!)
  3. Complete your first night’s assignment (see your syllabus).

Resource: all syllabi are listed here.

A welcome video can be found here with classroom prep reminders.


HSP 2221 HS Senior Seminar MADDEN CU 1

ENG 2164 Linguistics LARRAGOITI SM204

Tuesdays in Belmont

REL 2250 Religions of the World LIPOWITZ CU 9

Tuesdays in Tracy

BUS 2008 Legal Environment of Business LADINE Transit Center

BUS 2218 Social Research Methods ARBORE Transit Center

Wednesdays in Belmont

CUL 2400 African Cinema LAROCHE DAVIS SM 204

HSP 2248 Managing Cultural Diversity REYNOSO CU 6

PSY 2101 Personality Theory CU 9

Wednesdays at Mission

HSP 2221 HS Senior Seminar MADDEN GC 322

HSP 2203 Communication Skills ARBORE GC 308


HSP 2251 Managing EAPs BARSI CU 1

BUS 2000 Mgmt Princ and Org Beh LIM CU 9

Saturday January 26:

Community Leadership Practicum SANTAMARIA CU 9

Saturdays (Hybrid)

BUS 2006 Contemporary Professional Writing LARRAGOITI SM 208


BUS 2224 Corporate Finance HUA

BUS 2250 Personal Financial Planning MULVEY

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