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Alum in the News: Maria Sanchez

Last July, Maria Sanchez (Human Services, ’15) and her husband Tim opened a coffee shop (Tertulia) and art gallery (Sanchez Contemporary) in downtown Oakland.  I finally made it over there yesterday with my daughters (and our friend Aurore) and we were delighted.


This article gives it a great review and here’s an excerpt:

“The café and adjacent gallery are the brainchildren of husband-and-wife team Tim and Maria Sanchez, who have long dreamed of combining their passion for art and coffee. (She’s an artist and he’s a self-described coffee geek.)

Many cafés put up art, said Tim Sanchez, but the art often ends up being a part of the café’s decor and not a successful source of income. Sanchez worked with noted San Francisco architecture firm Lincoln Lighthill, which designed Blue Bottle’s café in the W.C. Morse building, to create a space where the café flows into a distinct gallery space.

Maria Sanchez curates the art at Sanchez Contemporary, and said she hopes to highlight Latino artists and other artists of color. “A lot of under-represented artists don’t normally get gallery shows,” she said. “We want to give their art the respect that it deserves.”

A photo from the article:


Congratulations, Maria and Tim.  What a wonderful concept, fantastic art, beautiful space, and great hot chocolate.  So happy to finally see your beautiful work in person….

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