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Classrooms, Term II

doorWelcome to Fall Term II!  Don’t forget to get your syllabus and do your first night’s assignment…

Monday:  BUS 2980, Business Policy, MULVEY,  CU23


BUS 2000 Mgmt Princ. and Org Behavior, DAVIS-WICK, SM204

HSP 2263 Dev. Across the Lifespan, ARBORE, CU1

Tuesday at Tracy:

BUS 2600 Operations and Info Tech Mgmt., BELTRAMINI, Transit Center

Tuesday at Canada:

BUS 2010 Professional Ethics and Soc Resp., LADINE, BLDG 5-227

PSY 2233 Jungian Psychology, NYLAND, BLGD 3-223


BUS 2006 Professional Writing, LARRAGOITI, SM 208

CUL 2232 Latino/Hisp. Exp. in US, GOMEZ, CU22

HSP 2212 HS Financial Management, HERNBROTH, CU21

Wednesday at Canada: REL 2260 Islam Faith and Practice, LIPOWITZ, BLDG 5-221

Wednesday at Mission:

HSP 2203 Communication Skills, REYNOSO, MT 18B

BUS 2048 Human Resource Management, MADDEN, MT 18A


PHL 2420 Philosophy of Love, Delaporte, SM 207

BUS 2016 Change and Conflict Management, DAVIS-WICK, CU9

HSP 2209 Intro to Human Services, CU1

Online:  BUS 1108 Microeconomics, VERMA

Saturday:  HSP 2224 Professional Development MCKNIGHT, SM 117

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