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Mentoring Opportunity: STEP

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
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STEPConsider Mentoring with STEP

A great opportunity for current students or graduates… STEP, the Success Through Education Progam, is looking for mentors to work with men and women newly released from jail to foster care and support, encourage personal development, and assist in personal visioning and the transition to the community.

STEP’s Mission is to lessen recidivism of those who have recently been released from San Mateo County jails. STEP accomplishes this mission by providing vocational, educational, and practical support that empowers former offenders to restructure their lives and achieve career, community, and personal success.

Commitment: One year
Status: Volunteer

1. Completes all required orientation and training.
2. Provides supportive and professional contact at least once a week for two months, then at least once a month for remainder of Mentee relationship.
3. Follows reporting requirements
4. Models professional behavior at all times.

Background Required
1. Excellent language skills.
2. Proactive planning, assessment, and communications skills.
3. Able to set and maintain clear boundaries.
4. Able to manage behavioral consequences correctly.
5. Able to complete reports.
6. Team building skills

For More Information:

Next Step:
Contact STEP’s Executive Director, Dr. Joan Rossi at

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