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Human Services Senior Projects: Mission College class

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Well done, everyone! 

Hamilcar Cabusi organized a dinner fundraiser for 250 people, raising over $1500 to support the Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department. (The web page at the link profiles Hamilar, shown in his firefighting gear. He’s on the right in the photo below and we admire his commitment in volunteering with this important community resource.


Louis Santa Ana worked with a generous anonymous donor to create the infrastructure to support the opening of a safe house for a family fleeing from domestic abuse. His work is ongoing and includes organizing and funding food, appliances, housing, and other needed resources.

Dolores Oya-Zenteno launched successful training in the Spanish language for the Step Into Education Program, which seeks to aim the cycle of recidivism by supporting training for at-risk youth and those being released from prison.

Rosie Moreno collected and delivered five bags of clothing to the Samaritan House Kids Closet.

Judy Munro created an ongoing connection between New Beginnings Community Church Life Group and Family Supportive Housing to raise money and collect supplies for the homeless families served.

Monica Rea worked with Rafael House of San Francisco to raise money through running training camps that she organized, working with Big 5 Sporting Goods stores.

Chantal Williams-Boyd worked with Jaliya to identify grants to support the organization’s mission of expression through African arts. She developed important resources in support of the organization’s goal of obtaining a building for their community work.

Jasmine Thomas worked with the Human Services program and Mission College in Santa Clara to promote awareness of the program on that campus. She designed a brochure and did presentations to several classes, fueling interest in enrollment.

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