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Classrooms Summer Term I

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

doorClasses started last night; sorry to post this a day late and glad that everyone seems to have found their classes anyway.  Cuvilly is a construction zone right now, so our classes have shifted to other parts of the campus.  See below:  GH refers to “Gavin Hall,” which is above Tabard (up the steep stairs) and SM is Saint Mary’s, which is where the Registrar and Business offices are.

Also, ‘grab n’ go’ food service is available in the cafeteria from 4-8PM.  Not a huge selection, but students last night reported that the food was good.

Welcome to summer!  (Now let’s hope for some sun before July!)


BUS2600-08 Operations and Tech Systems, Nellis, SM 208

HSP 2248-08 Managing Cultural Diversity, Madden, SM115


HSP 2203 -08 Communciation Skills, Arbore, SM117

BUS 2250-08, Personal Financial Planning, Hua, GH9

REL 2260-08 Islam Faith and Pratice, Lipowitz, SM204

HST 2020-01 World History, Andrews, SM207


BUS 2010-08 Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, Ladine, GH2

CUL 2248-08, Latin America in Film, Gomez, SM204

PHL 2420-08, Philosophy of Love, Delaporte, GH9

MTH 1114-08 Algebra for College, Wong, SM208

HST 2020-03, World History, Andrews, SM207

Wednesday at Mission College

BUS 2006-08, Professional Writing, Ross, SE3-401 (Main Building, NOT where we’ve been meeting)


BUS 2300-08 Marketing Principles, Holtzman, GH9

HSP 2218-08, Social Research Methods, Arbore, SM208

BIO 2108-08, Contemp. Environmental Issues, Shellabarger, SM207

Thursday at Canada College

PSY 2157-08, Abnormal Psychology, Nyland,

Saturday, June 20

BUS 2079-08, Workplace Coaching, Santamaria, CU6

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  1. Kylie H says:

    The food offerings are pretty good! Happy summer!

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