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Classrooms for Term II (Starting Tonight!)

doorWelcome to Term II!


Contemporary Professional Writing, Larragoiti, SM 208

Business Policy, Barden, CU9

Human Relations in Organizations, Davis-Wick, CU21


Human Services, Barsi, CU1

Tuesday at Canada

Prof. Ethics and Social Responsibility, Rende, Canada 5-227

Islam Faith and Practice, Lipowitz, Canada 5-223


French Cinema, Laroche-Davis, SM208

Linguistics, Larragoiti, SM118

Human Services Financial Management, Kaplan, CU7

Legal Environment of Business, Ladine, SM207

Wednesday at Mission

Managing Cultural Diversity, Madden, Mission MT18A


Philosophy of Science, Ortiz-Bautista, CU23

Management Principles and Organizational Behavior, Davis-Wick, CU22

Counseling Skills, Arbore, CU 7


Women’s Spirituality, Lipowitz, CU6


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