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Happy New Year Inspiration

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

New YearAs many of you know, we are fans of TED Talks; inspiring 20-minute video talks by experts in various fields.  To inspire your new year, TED has posted “TED-inspired New Year’s resolutions” that are worth checking out.  Many of them also affirm and inspire your decision to return to school.  Check out these titles (and the connections we’ve made between these titles and your return to school).

Allow yourself time to meet your goals.”  This degree is unfinished business.  Our evening programs make it possible to complete a degree without compromising your career/family obligations.

See your fears as an act of the imagination.”  Everyone has some fears about returning to school (we each did!)  This talk suggests that “fear is about writing a story” and then taking steps within that story to overcome obstacles.

Read books that challenge your perspectives and beliefs.”  An inspiring process and the work it takes is fun and fascinating; add in the discussions that you have with other adults who are excited about their education and motivated to make the most of it and you describe most evenings in our classes.

Make your stress work for you instead of against you.”  Hey!  We even had a class for that, as those of you who have taken “Stress in the Workplace” know.

Take breaks from your devices.”  Pretty much required when engaged in dynamic classroom discussions.

If that take on practical New Year’s Resolutions isn’t inspiration enough, check out this blog post, which gives statistics to support the title that “nonprofits are big business.  Qualified leaders are in high demand.”  Yep, that’s you!  If we can help get you registered or give you or someone you know information about our programs, please contact us today:

DrTherese. Therese Madden:

LilDr. Lillian Barden:



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