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Inspiration Friday: 86-Year Old Gymnast

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

I overheard a conversation not long ago between Dr. Patrick Arbore and Dr. Helene Laroche-Davis.  They were talking about gerontology, or work with the aging population.  Patrick made a remarkable statement, “when students are through with my class, they will no longer be afraid of aging or of dying.”  Helene responded with her own personal insight, saying “every year since I have turned 50 has been better and better.”  I love how this wisdom from each of these experienced, insightful, and wonderful instructors defies societal expectations about aging, as does the video below, which my mother actually sent along to me.  (She, by the way, just celebrated her 72nd birthday, a month after she won the Pikes Peak Marathon for her age group by ascending and then descending the 14,411′ peak in a 26-mile journey.)

Interested in learning more about defying stereotypes about aging or serving this growing population?  Ask your adviser about courses in gerontology, which count toward a concentration in that area for Human Services students and may count toward miscellaneous upper division electives for others.


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