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Faculty Spotlight: Alicia Santamaria Recommends…

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Faculty Spotlight: Alicia Santamaria Recommends… an Article on Managing Stress

Alicia SantamariaAlicia Santamaria, who teaches classes in both the Intensive Business and Human Services programs, recommends the following article about stress from Mind Tools, noting in her LinkedIn post that developing emotional intelligence (a course she teaches for us) can help to alleviate stress.  Read more below for more on this topic.  Alicia is also a consultant and founder of Adelante, an organization that offers coaching, training, and group facilitation services.  Among other things, Adelante features Alicia’s beautiful blog, with articles about feedback, forgiveness, leadership development, communication, and more.

We are lucky that she is part of the Notre Dame de Namur community; thank you, Alicia!


Albrecht’s Four Types of Stress/Managing Common Pressures/Four common types of stress

Imagine that you work in human resources, and that you’ve recently been dealing with a lot of people problems.

It’s been another long day.

You’re now meeting with your last “client” before you go home.

As you listen to this person’s story, you start to get tense.

You find yourself avoiding making direct eye contact with her, and you feel yourself shutting down emotionally.

You don’t want to listen to her complaints at all; instead, you just want to finish.

Rather than taking your frustrations out on this person, however, you apologize and ask for a five-minute break. You go for a quick walk outside, breathe deeply, and then stop for some water. When you go back into your office, you’re smiling, refreshed, and ready to help.

Most people experience some degree of stress in their jobs. But if you understand the most common types of stress and know how to spot them, you can manage your stress much better. This, in turn, helps you to work productively, build better relationships, and live a healthier life.

In this article, we’ll examine four common types of stress, and we’ll discuss how you can manage each of them more effectively.  To read the full article, click here


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