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Table of Plenty Thursday August 7

Table of PlentyThis is a wonderful opportunity to get engaged in the community and have a lovely evening, too. I had never been to an event to feed those in need before and honestly felt some trepidation about it, not sure what to expect. But at this event, you are truly in community with others at NDNU and with those whom you are serving and the entire atmosphere is friendly, cozy, and deeply respectful. I brought my eight-year old, who served the desserts, and who will probably never forget it. I encourage anyone who can spare the time to attend!

Here’s the descriptive invitation from Jim McGarry, who directs the Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice at NDNU:

Dear NDNU Community,

Do you want to volunteer somewhere this summer but haven’t had a chance yet? Why not join us Thursday, August 7?

Sign up here:

We need 2 cooks (1:30-6:00pm) and 10 servers (5-8pm) for this homemade meal with outstanding hospitality…
Our bi-monthly participation in this weekly meal started by Sr. Jeanette Braun SNDdN and friends, is an NDNU tradition since the summer of 2013.

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