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Summer Term I Classroom Assignments

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!










BUS 2048-08 Human Resources Management – MADDEN – CU09

PSY2201-01 Counseling & Psychotherapy – NYLAND – CU01



HSP2203-08 Communication Skills – ARBORE – CU09

BIO2108-08 Contemp Environment Issues – SHELLABARGER – SM208

REL2250-08 Religions Of The World – DELAPORTE – SM207

BUS2300-08 Marketing Principles – JEN – CU06

BUS2000-08 Mgmt Prin & Org Beh – BARDEN – CANADA Bldg 5-227



BUS2006-08 Contemp. Prof Writing – ROSS – CU01

CUL2248-08 Latin America In Film – GOMEZ – SM207

BUS2010-08 Prof Ethics & Social Resp – LADINE – CU07

BUS2250-08 Personal Financial Planning – RICE – CU09

REL2250-10 Religions Of The World – Beltramini – MISSION MT18A



HSP2286-08 Sex, Lies & Media – BULLER – CU23

HSP2218-08 Social Research Methods – ARBORE – CU09

PHL2420-08 Philosophy Of Love – DELAPORTE – SM207


Saturday May 17

HSP2202-08 Intro To Emotional Intelligence – SANTAMARIA – CU09


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