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Senior Seminar Capstone Projects – Mission Class

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Mission College Students Senior Project Summaries:

Courtenay M: Invisible Chains. Working with Next Door Solutions, Courtenay created an information booklet for leaders in the workplace, materials for distribution to employees, and an electronic presentation for informing Silicon Valley businesses of essential information related to the prevention of domestic violence and the protection of those who are victims of it.   Next Door Solutions holds the distinction of being the first anti-domestic violence agency that is bilingual; they provide wrap-around services including shelter services, a crisis hotline, legal assistance, youth programs, and more.

Hussain Rahim worked with Family and Children Services of Silicon Valley to introduce a new intensive outpatient treatment program for clients involved in the criminal justice system. This is an alternative to residential treatment being offered at another location. His sponsor, Kathleen Bishop, reported that they are especially looking forward to having “Mental Health Peer Support Worker Hussain Rahim come in to work with our clients.” The objective of the project is to give clients the opportunity to participate more fully in treatment through increased face-to-face time.

Araseli Rivera worked with Iglesia Pan de Vida in East Palo Also to remodel a children’s Sunday school room. She created a larger space by supervising construction efforts, organized a crew to paint and furnish the new space, and raised the money for all needed supplies.

Jonathan Gonzales completed a fundraising event for the JW House, which provides a guest house on the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara campus where families of patients are welcome to stay overnight or for daytime respire while a family member is undergoing treatment. Through multiple fundraisers, he raised money to purchase new linens.

Mona Franciscus organized a weekend long fundraising event to assist the Morgan Hill Lions Club to raise money for their scholarship fund. The scholarships had been threatened due to lack of funds, but through an elaborate event at a local winery and advertisements in local businesses, sufficient money was raised for the scholarships to continue. Lions Club President Jerry Smith said, “I am so happy that we will be able to continue our scholarships for the students this year.” The Lions Club is the world’s largest service organization.

Yolanda Mitchum created and administered a caregiver survey for Peninsula Volunteer’s Rosener House Senior Day Center. This senior center provides a safe environment for seniors with dementia and some respite time for their caregivers. The Rosener House thanked Yolanda for her “excellent work” and expressed their hope that she would continue to work with them.

Jan Arain worked on a project for, “Think Together, Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, and Nurturing Kids,” which helps low income elementary and middle school students succeed in school. He developed a curriculum that covered study skills, physical education, and science environment.

David Lovato created a Clothes Closet for the San Jose Job Corps program, providing clients with not only appropriate work attire, but self-confidence to land the job they want, support themselves, and be role models for fellow students and families. Job Corps serves approximately 60,000 youths annually at centers throughout the country.

Yula Bradley has a vision for creating a nonprofit organization that offers hope and practical assistance to young women facing an unplanned pregnancy. In this project, she designed an organization that will be a place to network and build relationships that will allow women with young children to finish a trade, attend a two-year college, or obtain a four year degree. Through guidance, skills, and hope, she plans to change the future for many and her efforts to incorporate and build a business plan as her project put her on that path.

Zarmina Abbassi worked with Muslims for Humanity’s Helping Hand for Relief and Development on a winter coat drive for Syria. She created a relationship between Helping Hand and a local Boy Scout troop to collect jackets, sleeping bags, and tents for the people of Syria. Due to Zarmina’s efforts, 65 jackets, ten sleeping bags, and several tents were gathered and the ongoing relationship between the two organizations will ensure that future needs will also receive support.

Naomi Karake completed an on boarding process for a South Bay Church children’s program. This project ensures that volunteers have the information that they need to support the program effectively and efficiently. She also worked to recruit a significant number of volunteers for the program.

Jason Silva worked with former Human Services student Geralyn Glenn, who is now a Project Manager at Santa Clara County’s Catholic Charities. His objectives included connecting the needs of this food pantry to organizations that can provide supplies on an as-needed basis and to supplement such partnerships with a food drive. He notes that many of the families services use up to 80% of their monthly income on rent alone, so finding the means to buy food can be extremely difficult. Geralyn noted of Jason’s efforts, “My clients will be very happy!”

Judy Krueger worked with Spectrum of Arts Foundation on a directory to support the organization’s efforts to empower and transform the lives of women who have been released from prison in an effort to help them to gain self-sustainability. Her work helps connect individuals with pertinent community resources and her project sponsor called this a “vital tool” that will help the organization to benefit individual needs.

Rasheeda Jackson organized and facilitated a Health Education Outreach day in collaboration with HealthTrust of San Jose. HealthTrust is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to “Make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America – for everyone.” The Program Director expressed her pleasure with the project’s results, noting that she was “highly impressed with the turnout.”

Congratulations to all of these students for excellent work!

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