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Career and Volunteer Opportunities

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

barossWe have lots of different things to share today!


First, have you ever thought about a career in Human Resources?  NDNU’s certificate program gives you a great start and can be a career booster, too.  The instructor, Jeff Cox, is an experienced HR Executive and student feedback about his courses is always enthusiastic. See information about how to enroll and the dates (starting early February!)  You’ll also find info about the Applied Leadership Certificate, which is also a hot topic in many workplaces and thus an career enhancing opportunity.


Next, do you still need to fulfill your math requirement?  NDNU Human Services students David Lovato and Naomi Karake have signed up for Math G at Mission College and want to encourage others to do the same so that the class doesn’t get cancelled due to low enrollment.  The class will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:45-6:50PM in MT12.


Jennifer Palomar is also a Human Services student.  She did her capstone project at Peninsula Volunteers, which is a Menlo Park-based organization that provides seniors with services designed to enhance and enrich their lives.  She asked that we share information about the many volunteer opportunities there, including helping weekly with delivering over 1,500 hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities who are unable to cook for themselves.  For more information, check out the web link above or email:  The next monthly training will be on Jan 28.

More internationally, we received this opportunity to work with The Borgen Project, a national campaign that is focused on global poverty.  More information about how to apply to be a volunteer Regional Director is found here.


Finally, this Sunday is the opening reception for The Wiegand Gallery’s exhibition, “Endless Forms.  Paintings and Drawings by Celeste Baross.”  come by from 2-4 PM on Sunday, January 26 or stop by during open hours.  Admission is free.  From the artist, “there is grandeur in the workings and beauty of nature.  There are within, hidden worlds, both marvelous and grim, both dormant and teeming, which inspire and inform the direction and content of my paintings.  These worlds, which lay directly at our feed and surround us as we breathe each breath, are reminders of a continuum, an endless cycling, that we too, are a part of.”


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