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Hearts As Wide As The World

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!


Human Services student Kristin Dawson is working on preparations for Founders Week, in which NDNU celebrates the living legacy of the strong women who founded the Sisters of Notre Dame.  The theme this year is “Hearts As Wide As the World” and Kristen wants to make sure that the important work that you are doing in the community is celebrated.

What she needs:

1)  Please come!  If you have class on Wednesday, February 5 in Belmont, come right before class or on your class break and find her in the Quad or cafeteria.  She’ll have a display (hopefully with your work), cake, and coffee.

2)  If you have work to display, please give samples to her.  She is going to work with poster boards, so flyers, photos, brochures, etc. would be ideal- anything that you have done in the community that you’d like to share and in whatever format works best for you.  Kristin will take what you give her and make a display from it.  If you already have a display, she’ll gladly show it.

What are you doing in the community that you want others to know about?  This is a chance to show it off.

You can contact her with questions:

Deadline (so that she can prepare what we provide) is Wednesday, January 29.

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