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Passing Your Math Requirement

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!


Math is one of the General Education classes that universities require for graduation.    We know that math can appear as a particular challenge , especially adult students who may have completed their last math class many years ago.  to that end, we we want to make sure that you know about the resources that NDNU’s Math Department has created to support you and express thanks to Dr. Eugen Radian who led the creation of these resources and helped explain the intent behind each.

Because it is a lower division requirement, many students complete math through a community college.  Others opt to take it at NDNU, making it the only lower division class that those in our degree completion programs take.  See below for additional information about the pros and cons of each option and be sure to discuss your choices also with your adviser.

Math Phobic?


At NDNU:  Concepts in Statistics course

Off campus: Check the most current Transfer Credit Agreement for the specific classes.

Pros and Cons:  If you take Lower Division math at NDNU, it is offered in the evenings in a 15-week format.  The class is “Concepts in Statistics” and the only prerequisite is pre-algebra.  Compare this to the equivalent requirement if taken through the community college, which is a four-step process, requiring you to take (or test out of ) pre-algebra, beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, and then statistics to meet the requirement.  

The NDNU class IS more expensive than that which you would take at a community college, but depending on where you test and what math you have taken in the past, it may be the difference between taking four community college classes over a year or more and taking one class at NDNU and one at a community college.

Resource Alert: 

Every summer, NDNU offers a FREE four-day workshop that is designed to help you pass the placement test so that you can take the Concepts in Statistics class.  These workshops are normally offered on one weekend morning for four weeks in July and August; ask your adviser in April for the schedule.

TIP:  In this free workshop, you will be offered online (free) resources for learning the needed material.  There is a correlation (yes!) between the number of hours spent practicing and the passing rate; those who spend eight or more hours in prep tend to pass; those who spend less do not.  If you take the workshop, invest in your success by planning to spend time in preparation for the placement exam.

There are tutors available at the Tutorial Center.  If you have trouble accessing this resource, be sure to see your adviser.  Instructors Lena Feinman, Zelda, and Marina are available to support you: you can contact Marina at

 Practice tests: help determine what you need to know!  Be sure to check out the sample questions on the Academic Success Center’s links.

 In addition, go to for more practice materials.  Once there, click the Register button and follow the instructions on the screen.  To log into mymathtest, use your username and password along with this program ID:  XL19-Q1K7-101Z-3042.

 Can you do it? YES!

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  1. Carolynn Santos says:

    Take it from someone who knows… I failed the Canada placement test 3 times, never getting out of Algebra 1. Lena is a great instructor and helps you remember what is already locked away in your brain, and Rick Martinez is a really good math teacher and he will get you through that concept class with a passing grade. So grateful for NDNU for putting together this program, I’m graduating in May 2014 because I got passed the Statistics class!!!

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