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Interviewing for a New Dean

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!


As you may know, Dean Barbara Caulley recently stepped down from her position after nearly three years.  These years represented a time of extraordinary growth and accomplishments for the School of Business and Management and for NDNU; her shoes will be hard to fill.  In addition to many notable accomplishments, Dean Caulley had a strong relationship with students and alumni; at a recent Human Services senior seminar class presentation, for example, students told the stories of their journeys to NDNU and often they began with, “I met Barb… before I knew it, I found myself here… and my life will never be the same!”

Knowing her influence on students makes selecting the person who will be our Interim Dean especially important.  Through your student email accounts, you have received invitations to interview potential candidates.  We encourage you to attend, ask questions, get to know each candidate, give the candidates a student perspective about what is important, and give your feedback about the candidates to those making the selection.

So far, the dates/times below have been scheduled.  Our apologies for the late notice, which reflects the difficulty of scheduling around candidate vacation plans.  This may not be a complete list; stay tuned for more and know that if you are able to attend, your time and effort is very much appreciated both by those making the selection and by the students who will be unable to make it but who need your representative voice:

Thursday, June 6 (yes, tomorrow):  4:30-5:15, Cuvilly 6.

Tuesday, June 11: 4:30-5:15, Cuvilly 6.

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