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Capstone Projects

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Congratulations to the Human Services students from our class at Mission College in Santa Clara for their successful completion of their capstone projects!


Rear, from left:  Erika Arriaga, Angel Nguyen, Rowena Tirao, Wilbur Hurley, Darryl Redfield, Rene Hartwig.  Front row, from left:  Geralyn Glenn, Derek Schmitz, Sue Wetzel, Bernadine Sachkar

Erika Arriaga.  Inspiring Hope When Grieving.  Erika raised over $2,000 in two events for the Angel Love Foundation, which supports parents through the loss of a child with financial support for funeral services and group therapy.

Angel Nguyen.  A Second Chance for Youth.  Angel created the Second Chance for Gang Impacted Youth, Families, and Communities project to help fund a mentoring program for at-risk youth.  She raised over $4,000 through two events, in collaboration with the Restorative Justice Mentoring Program.

Sue Wetzel.  No Need For A Library Card.  Sue worked with students at Downtown College Prep High School in San Jose to create four “Little Free Libraries,” small bird-house sized libraries placed in community locations for free reading enjoyment.

Bernadine Sachkar.  Fresh Lifelines for Youth.  Bernadine is working with NDNU staff to connect NDNU students as mentors with students in need through FLY, “an award-winning organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime, and incarceration of teens.”

Rene Hartwig.  Rene took the next steps in a project initially started by alumni Nancy Sivy to print and distribute brochures about the NDNU Human Services Program’s gerontology concentration, focusing on community colleges and community organizations that provide support to this population.

Rowena Tirao.  Training for Via Services.  Rowena completed a training manual for Via Services, which helps people with physical and mental disabilities in the Santa Clara valley.  These materials will help the organization more effectively meet client needs as well as the American Camp Association’s accreditation guide.

Darryl Redfield worked with Partners in Reading to conduct their first ever college fair.  They are a member of California Library Literacy Services and part of a statewide network of over 100 public libraries providing adult literacy instruction.

Geralyn Glenn founded the “Always a Clean Diaper” Project.  From her press release: “Geralyn walked out of her Senior Seminar class with one objective, and that was to put clean diapers on dirty bottoms.  As a volunteer with the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Our Lady of Peace Church… a certain situation never left her mind.  ‘I was carrying the baby of a woman in need and when I gave the baby back, I had a stain on my shirt,’ says Geralyn.  ‘She was embarrassed but did not have any diapers and I never before knew that there were mothers who had to choose between feeding their children or buying diapers.'”  Geralyn raised a grand total of 2,380 diapers for distribution and the project will continue through the St. Vincent de Paul office.

Derek Schmitz.  Feed Your Neighbor.  Working with the Mountain View Community Service Agency, Derek raised 1,800 pounds of food for families in need throughout the city.  “Derek was excellent at organizing the food drive and having the donors focus on healthy, needed items,” said Volunteer Director Alison Hopkins.

Wilbur Hurley worked with InnVision to update training materials for their thousands of clients.  InnVision Shelter Network is dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco peninsula return to self-sufficiency and permanent housing.  Wilbur’s volunteer orientation class will help with these goals.

Joseph Williams is not pictured because he is in the process of relocating to Michigan.  Joe worked to provide training to EMS providers in Macomb County so that they were aware of the resources available to these vulnerable clients.  He worked with the Homeless Coalition, an outreach organization that coordinates efforts between The Salvation Army, various homeless shelters, utility companies, food banks, soup kitchens, and warming/ cooling centers for extreme weather.

Congratulations to each of you for excellent projects that demonstrate many of your leadership skills while contributing in important ways to the community.


Capstone Summaries for the Belmont Human Services Senior Seminar class. 


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