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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Welcome to another “Ask An Advisor” page!

As you know, this is still the time to register for spring classes.  Judy and Vicki are making calls to those who haven’t registered yet, please do come in!

During this time, feel free to send me questions for this “ASK AN ADVISOR” column.  We will post your questions after soliciting expert advisor help to answer them.  Please submit any questions via email to Dr. Therese Madden at We want you to always know exactly where you stand with regards to your graduation progress.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION, submitted by several Human Services students:

What is Residency?” 

ANSWER:  Residency refers to the University requirement that you take your final 12 units at NDNU.  Most Professional Studies (Human Services, Intensive Business, and Liberal Arts) students begin classes at NDNU needing to finish both Upper and Lower Division requirements.  We find you the Upper Division classes that you need at NDNU and identify ones at the Community Colleges that will satisfy NDNU requirements through Transfer Credit Agreements at local or online colleges.  The Residency requirement directs that you finish any community college classes before beginning your final 12 units at NDNU.

Are there exceptions?  Well, yes.  If you need to “break residency,” you have to petition Academic Standards.  Your advisor or Program Director can help you get the forms.  Good reasons are considered and often accepted, though simply petitioning is not a guarantee that you will gain permission to break residency.

Residency CAN be broken if NDNU is not offering the class that you need during the semester in question.  This is especially relevant to our Mission and Canada students, who have fewer NDNU classes offered each term at those respective campuses.

As with all advising questions, it is important to ask your advisor about your particular situation.  Every student is different, so advice from your well-meaning friends may be confusing and irrelevant.  We’re glad to help make sure that you have the right answers to your individual situation, so give us a call or stop in to Tabard Inn to chat.


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