The Professional Studies Program

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2019 Graduation

May 4th, 2019

Spring Registration Update

Advising Update! Many of the holds that were on student accounts have just been lifted so that you can register for Spring classes. See our newsletter below for more details and to register for an advising appointment if you need one.

Happy Thanksgiving

Read our Thanksgiving Gratitude newsletter here.

Our very best wishes for a relaxing and joyful holiday.

Student Reflection

From one of our graduating seniors: “I learned many things in this program at NDNU. My biggest takeaway is the support and passion the instructors have in serving the students and those around them. It is inspiring to know that my instructors are out there to make a difference in people’s lives [during the day] and then in the evenings they are teaching us how to contribute to others.”

Capstone Projects

As our Human Services students from the Tracy, Mission, and Belmont campuses work on wrapping up their Fall 2019 projects, it seems an appropriate time for some inspiration from the Spring 2019 student projects: video

NDNU Awarded Social Mobility Innovator Honor

From CollegeNET’s press release: “In at least two important ways, Notre Dame de Namur provides a leading example for universities that seek to advance social mobility,” says CollegeNET President Jim Wolfston. “First is the solid on-ramp the university provides as it welcomes transfer students from community colleges. And second is that Notre Dame de Namur, by virtue of this on-ramp, is lowering the indebtedness of its graduates. This policy approach is key at a time when economic mobility and the American Dream are rapidly deteriorating. Today, as tuitions at U.S. campuses continue to increase, student indebtedness grows, and economic inclusion declines, Notre Dame de Namur is providing a strong example bucking these trends. Here’s the full release.

November 4 2019 Newsletter


Click here for the newsletter for updates about spring registration, THRIVE’s job fair, shuttle bus service updates, our fabulously new and improved Book Sharing Program, and a report about students who recently participated in the “Rise Up!” Social Mobility conference.

Book Sharing Program

Introducing the Professional Studies Program’s new-and-improved “Book It Forward” book sharing program. Have text books that you are done using? Considering sharing them with others… need a text for an upcoming class? Check out the web site to see what is available. Find what you need? Reserve it!

This system is the genius of Human Services student Christie Victoria, who has been working on developing the web site, creating the system, organizing the shelves, and promoting the system’s use. Isn’t it wonderful?

The intent is for the “Book It Forward” program to cross all four campuses, so if you are a student in Tracy, at Mission, or at Canada (or online!) you can utilize the system and we’ll get the book to you.

Thank you, Christie! This is an amazing gift to all of us! Check out the web page she developed here. This link will also be permanently located with the current syllabi at the SBM Advising Page and on the blog.